What we do – What motivates us – Where God is taking us

We want to see Jesus transform lives, and we believe our church plays a part in the great work of God. Our mission is simple, we introduce people to Jesus and follow Him together.
Our values motivate everything we do. Our ministries reflect our commitment to evangelism, prayer, worship, biblical instruction, encouragement, giving, and family.
We see God asking us to concentrate on helping people obtain traction in life. We do this by preparing our hearts and ministries to mobilize as God leads. Currently, we are focused on answering the needs of hunger, loneliness, and family that we see in our community.

After School Program

FBC Ganado currently partners with Jackson County, the Colere Group, and Phillips 66 to provide after school enrichment for 1st-3rd grade students of Ganado ISD. The program seeks to help students obtain traction and move forward academically. Our teachers and staff work diligently to propel students forward and encourage their success. If you would like more information, please call the church office or contact your student’s teacher.

Why host an after school program?

The after school program lines up with our ministry motivators of encouragement, family, and evangelism. We strive to make the program an encouragement to students by improving their grades, providing quality tutoring and instruction, and creating an environment that is healthy, positive, and Christ-centered. When students see improvement and realize success, we celebrate that success with them. We believe the after school program is a benefit to families as it supports a student’s parents and guardians in their child’s education. The program is motivated by evangelism because it allows us to show love in the name of Jesus to families that may or may not know. In that way, we fulfill part of our mission to introduce people to Jesus.

Food Bank Distribution – 60+

FBC Ganado partners with the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent to provide monthly food boxes to citizens of Jackson County. If you or someone you know would like to apply for the food bank program, please contact Frances Santellana at 361-578-0591 ext:201.

Why partner with a food bank?

Our partnership with the food bank is motivated by our desire to give and meet the need of hunger in our community. Currently, we are a liaison connecting people with the program, but once demand exceeds the current facility’s capacity, we are ready to become a distribution point for Ganado.